5 things to do in fall (although we all still miss summer)

  1. Spend some time with Mother Nature

Let’s be honest, even the biggest summer fan has to admit that during fall the leaves that turn red and orange and yellow are a really pretty thing to look at. So go for a walk, chase your puppy off the couch and take him on a walk through the forest, put your trainers on and go for a last jog before it gets freezing cold outside!


  1. It’s pumpkin seasooon!

Doesn’t matter whether you want to treat yourself with a pumpkin spiced Frappuccino at Starbucks or you are cooking up some delicious pumpkin soup, fall can be delicious!

You are still not convinced? Let me give you a simple recipe for Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins!

Learn how to make them here:



  1. Enjoy the coolish weather

I don’t know how you guys feel about the summer heat, but I personally feel ready for some chilly weather after months of sweating. I also find it quite hard to do sports during the summer months as it is way too hot outside and most of the time even inside the house. So as the days get colder I try to do lots of outside activities and get a nice workout in every other day.

Tip: Try roller blading, it’s perfect for fall because you get to spend time in nature but if there’s a surprise rain shower you can run home way faster than you would without the roller blades 😀


  1. Get cozy (aka decorate your space)

I guess decoration is more of a women’s hobby but creating a cozy fall mood with some pumpkins, dried flowers and candles can help anybody overcome an after-summer-blues.

TIP: The best thing about fall decoration is that you don’t even need to spend a lot of money or go to a big furniture shop. Your own garden or the forest/park nearby is probably the best provider for fall themed home décor. So if you follow my instructions in 1 and go for a walk, just take a closer look at what has fallen to the ground and collect some nice colourful leaves, berries, fir cones or chestnuts. Arrange them in your apartment and fill it with some nice and cozy fall vibes.


  1. Let’s do a fall-cleaning!

At least where I come from it is very common to deep clean your apartment in fall as an equivalent to the famous spring-cleaning. People make it a ceremony cleaning the windows, clearing out their wardrobe and throwing away stuff they don’t need any more. That’s actually a useful tradition for once because afterwards you feel like you have your life under control. Getting rid of old useless things that have been bothering you for a while feels great and provides the best conditions for a good start into the new season.

TIP: Doing a cleaning does not only help you with organizing your apartment but it could also be a good idea to do a cleanse for your bod. Especially in the colder season, our immune system is running at full speed. Doing a one-week vitamin preparation is a good way to recharge your batteries with everything your body needs to prevent you from getting the flu in winter. Referring back to the “cleanse” you could also try out a drink called “Kombucha”. It is an ancient fermented tea beverage, that is full of vitamins and antibiotics and has a detoxifying effect. (I am going to try it out myself and update you guys on how it’s working) If you are interested in finding out more about it, follow this link, where I got my information from:



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