Bucket list ! (aka Things you need to do before you die)

#1: Go to as many beaches as you can as often as you can


In my childhood memory beaches have a very special place. For me going to the sea stands for a yearly traditional vacation with my family. When I was little I loooved going to the beach…because of all the fun we had building sandcastles, catching little fish and crabs and swimming with our super cool dolphin floats. I remember summer holidays as the best time of the year, when the weather was great, my parents were at home and we would explore a new beach every other year.

Today I love the beach for a bunch of other benefits. I love how relaxing it is to stand in front of the sea and watch the sparkling water, feel the sand between your toes (and also in places where it’s way less comfortable. Am I right, ladies?) I enjoy the fishy and salty smell  of the ocean and listening to the calming sound of the waves as they break again and again and again…

I remember when I had just graduated school and was pretty exhausted after finals, I sat down on the beach facing the waves. I sat there for hours while the sun was slowly but surely burning my skin. I just couldn’t help but soak up the inner peace that it brought me after a stressful period of time. During this one week that I spent there with my family I could recharge my batteries and I came back home as full of energy and motivated as ever.

I think what makes the sea and any beach a special place is that it combines the peaceful atmosphere of the wide ocean and the calming sounds with the ultimate power of the huge waves crashing against the cliffs in windy weather. Being by the sea makes me feel like a the smallest little being on earth compared to the borderless ocean but at the same time, swimming in the sea feels like a big hug by this beautiful piece of nature.



Some of our favourite beach impressions!


Mallorca (Spain)



Barcelona (Spain)


Lignano (Italy)


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