#Inspirationofthemonth June 2016


 1. Good music

Especially during the summer time I get inspired by music a lot. As the days get longer and the weather warmer the music gets more rhythmic, positive and party-inspired. In my opinion, jamming out to your favourite song on maximum volume in your car after a long day of work has something therapeutic.

Also laying in the sun or having a barbecue with friends is much more fun when you are listening to your favourite summer beats. And it even helps you with your workout. All my life I’ve loved jogging to free my mind and get a workout in every other day. But I have to admit that it can get boring sometimes and that is where music comes into play. Listening to a good song can motivate you more than any fitness coach.

Here are some songs  I enjoy listening to this summer. Feel free to try some of them out:


2. Ice cream

I know, I know. We all want that perfect summer body. We’ve all been trying to get into shape since Christmas to look our best in bikinis and swimming trunks. BUT ice cream is not only a “cheat meal”, it’s an experience. Maybe not if you stick to your standard vanilla and  chocolate flavour. So what I suggest is to try out something new. Here is an example: My boyfriend tried this terrible looking black icecream (the picture at the top) that was labelled as ‘Black Sesame’.Well, it was delicious. I would say it tasted more like poppy-seed cake, but it was still very good and very different.

In Italy I tried some Tiramisu-flavoured ice cream. I have to admit that this is not so crazy compared to the black one my boyfriend got, but I still had to jump out of my “10 years of strawberry-ice-cream-comfort-zone”. And again, it was delicious. Just try something new and treat yourself. You can build the perfect summer body every year of your life, but in this very moment, all you need is a sundae.


3. Travelling

Travelling inspires me all year round, but going on summer vacation is something special. I’ve been to Milano (Italy) a few days ago and yet again I found an amazing city. Despite all the exclusive stores and luxury brands that seem to have their headquarters somewhere in the streets of Milano the architecture was absolutely stunning. (Take a look at my post “Beautiful Milano”). Of course one cannot visit Italy without trying some of their amazing Pizza and Pasta. Besides all of that, the people in Italy seem to have a lot more of a laid back lifestyle, even though their driving style is intimidating. The relaxed atmosphere is a main factor of why I really feel like on holidays every time I visit Italy.

My most important advice for travelling to end this episode: Take somebody with you who’s not going to annoy you after 5 minutes in the car or on the plane. Once you’ve found your travel buddy, every journey will become an adventure.

See you again at the end of July with another episode!


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