About Us

Hey guys! We are two young souls from Europe! We love travelling the world together, going on spontaneous road trips and trying out fancy cocktails. We are suckers for Asian food and extravagant sports cars. As a couple in a long distance realtionship we are always on the move between two countries and love to explore new cultures.

Being two students at university we have experienced how challenging and exhausting life can be. But with the help of each other we have managed to deal with almost any difficult situation. We have found that motivation and passion are the key to success – That’s why we want to share our inspirational thoughts with you! Join us on our journey!



Feel free to text us at any time!

If you don’t get the answers you are searching for from our blog posts, we will take the time and help you individually.

Also if you have any further questions concerning our blog or content we are happy to hear from you.

Send us an e-mail: inspirationoftheday@gmx.de

We hope you are having a great day!



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