Dream Big!

„I want to become a firefighter!“ „When I grow up I want to be a police man“ „And I want to be a princess.“ These statements should be known by everyone of us. At least at the age of 5/6. From then on our dreams may have changed. Personally I want to become a lawyer. Why? To change something. Of course I won’t end poverty or bring peace to the world. But at least I will be able to change the life or the circumstances of some people.

The problem with most people is that they see difficulty as something negative. I would never reach my dream if I would look at my bachelor exams like something impossible. So would none of you ever reach something in their lives or become somebody you have dreamed of being.

The more you go through, the more difficult it is, the more challenging it is.. the better you will become, the stronger you will come back! If you fail at something, at first it’s the most disappointing feeling ever. Knowing that you have been studying for so long and still failed. No matter if it’s an exam or a competition or a promotion that you have been wanting for so long. You have given your best. And that should be enough for you to start over again. To prepare yourself for the next round. Training, studying, working. Till you get ready for your final fight.

If you think about giving up:

Write 5 things down that will show you why you want to become the best in what you are doing or what you are dreaming of. Why do you want to experience this level of achievement and what would give you the drive to do this? What will ignite the fire in you to go even harder and further if you are succeeding and coming back stronger when you’ve failed?

My dream is to help people who suffered injustice through no fault of their own.

And I will do everything to achieve it.

So what are YOU waiting for?


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