No Excuses!

I’m up here because I failed.

The difference between a champion and someone who is forgotten is that a champion shows up. That’s the only thing! The champion shows up everyday and gives himself the chance to change something. To change himself! Not sitting back, not making a step back. Not fearing to fail. Not fearing to growGOING FORWARD!

There is so much power in failure because you learn so much from it.

This is the only way you can grow. You grow the love of you and your wife and your children by caring for them and having their back. To grow your knowledge about something you gotta go and study. To grow the individual will to become something you must get comfortable with fear and failure. They must be your best friends.

Do whatever is required. Go out there! It’s possible you can get what you want. It’s necessary, if you want it you gotta go and get it. You gotta be willing to experiment. You gotta be willing to fail and to succeed.

So no matter what everybody is saying to you. No matter what they say you can not do. No matter what they say you will not do. You must do. You have to do. To find your identity, you gotta be okay with your comfortzone beeing shut.

It’s all up to you now.

So rise and shine.


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