Battling the stereotypes of society

Long black hair, black clothes, black nails, smokey eyes, piercings. GOTHIC

Long blond hair, mini skirt, pink top, tons of jewellery, full face of make up, designer hand bag. IT GIRL

Old-fashioned haircut, braces, metal-rimmed glasses, plaid shirt, straight A’s. NERD

Short hair, Nike shirt, sports pants, trainers, sweat band, six-pack. SPORTS FREAK

Expensive hair cut, leather jacket, Rolex, bad grades, smirk, constantly flirting. SHOWOFF

These common stereotypes we see in music videos and movies have a great influence especially on young people who are in the process of ‘finding their personality‘.

The problem is that none of these stereotypes is going to fit them 100% percent.But the clue is they don’t actually have to fit into one of them.

People change constantly throughout their lives. As we grow older our hobbies and interests will adapt to our living conditions. We will get to visit new places and meet new people whereas old friends might grow apart. We will set new goals and pursue new dreams. ‘Who you are‘ is not defined in one certain moment during puberty. Your whole life you will never finish the steady process of growing further.

You can try to change your personality in a positive way, to be more confident, ambitious, focused or sensitive. But you don’t need to adapt to what society calls the ideal personality. It’s best for you to simply be you, because that’s what you’re best at.


2 thoughts on “Battling the stereotypes of society

  1. I must say, society is much more open to individuality in regards to dress compared to when I grew up. I work at a high school and see a lot of diverse styles from students. Unfortunately, I do hear students embracing cultural stereotypes.

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