Top 3 relationship killers revealed

Love is the greatest gift of humanity.

But keeping a relationship alive over the years can be challenging. However, if you are lucky enough to have found your soulmate in this world, never give up on them.If you want to find out the top 3 reasons for relationship crises and how to fight them than keep reading:

  1. Undisclosed desires and dreams

    Do you have any passions you would love to persue? Any hobby or activity you would like to try out? But you were to busy with your relationship or to embarrassed to express your wish in front of your partner?

    Yes? – Than talk about it. Don’t be shy. Don’t feel embarrassed. Communication is the first and most important step towards improvement.

    If your partner had any secret wishes or dreams, you would definitely want him/her to talk to you about it, right? It’s just the same the other way round. Feel free to share your thoughts with your soulmate.

    You might think that your wish is not important enough to possibly start an argument over it? Be honest with yourself. If you really feel unhappy about something, you should at least give it a try!

  1. When an apology is not enough

    Has your partner said or done anything that has hurt your feelings tremendously or affected your trust in them dramatically?

    Yes? – Sometimes we say „I forgive you“ although we don’t really mean it. Maybe you still have a hard time dealing with something your partner has apologized for multiple times.

    Take a look at your situation from a third person’s perspective:

    Are you still mad although technically the problem has been solved? – Then take your time to calm down, get distraction by doing sports or spend some time with your friends to distance yourself from your offended mindset.

    But if your anger is not completely gone because you just can’t understand how your partner could hurt your feelings so bad, you will need to talk about it once again. Speak up about how you feel. Knowing the reasons behind your partner’s actions and words could help you accept an apology one day.

    “You can always tell how much you love someone by how much they can hurt you.”                 – Drake


  2. Jealousy

    12 text messages, 4 phone calls and 2 face-time requests from your partner can be annoying … and are definitely not what is considered normal behaviour. Such controlling habits often result from jealousy and can easily grow from a characteristic flaw to a mannerism that causes dramatic and irreversible damage to the relationship.

    Stick to facts. Is your jealousy really justified? Does continuously controlling your partner contribute to the quality of the relationship? Most of the time a lack of trust indicates jealous behavior. Put your energy into strengthening the bond to the one you love rather than stressing them out pointlessly. Invest into eliminating trust issues and your relationship will grow to a whole new level of intimacy.



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